What are your hours of operation?
The Roseda Farm Store is open Tuesday through Friday from 10 am to 6 pm and Saturday from
10 am to 4 pm. Please contact us at 410.472.2697 if you have any questions.

How are Roseda Black Angus fed?
All Roseda cattle graze on grass. When they move to the feedlot, they’re fed a mixture of
chopped corn plants, corn kernels, alfalfa, soybean meal and hay. We never  use hormones
or growth stimulants, and we use antibiotics only if there’s a medical reason.

Why do you describe Roseda Beef as “natural” instead of “organic?”
Our definition of “natural” comes from the U.S. Food Safety Inspection Service. It means our
meat contains no growth hormones, artificial color or flavoring; no chemical preservatives,
other synthetic ingredients. In fact, we’re proud that, in many ways, we far exceed the
government’s definition of “natural.”

To qualify as “organic” by federal standards, we would have to feed our cattle ingredients that
have never been treated with pesticides or herbicides. Using strictly organic feed is extremely
expensive, and would require us to raise prices about 50%. We believe our natural methods
are more than sufficient to provide high quality beef at a price our customers can afford.

What do you mean by "carefully bred?"
It’s the same basic idea from our grandparents’ day, but using the latest information
technology. We keep a computer database on each animal, so we can see which ones will
produce the most (and best) beef, then arrange breeding accordingly. We also use the
Internet to stay in touch with Black Angus breeders all over the country to find the best
breeding stock.

Do you ship your beef frozen? How should I take care of it once it arrives?
Once it’s properly aged, the beef is quickly cut and flash-frozen by our packers. Quick
freezing helps lock in the peak flavor achieved by dry aging.
If you’re not planning to eat your beef right away, we recommend that you put it in your
freezer as soon as possible. We prefer a traditional (manually defrosted) freezer with a
temperature at or below 0º F; never higher than 5º F. To test the coldness of your freezer,
place a half-gallon package of ice cream inside it. If the package stays brick-solid, your
freezer is fine; if it becomes soft, set your freezer for a lower temperature and try again.

How long can I store the frozen beef?
If your freezer meets the temperature guidelines above, you should be able to store Roseda
Beef as follows:
Ground Beef: 9-12 months
Roasts: Up to 12 months
Steaks: Up to 12 months

How should I defrost the beef?
Ideally, we’d prefer that you keep the beef in its original wrapping, and move it to your
refrigerator. Defrost times are as follows:
Large roasts: 4-7 hours per pound
Small roasts: 3-5 hours per pound
Steaks and burgers: (one inch thick) 12-14 hours
If you’re pressed for time, however, you can:
1) Place the sealed vacuum pack in a sink filled with cold water. (Make sure the package is
still watertight!)
2) Remove the beef from its package and microwave it on the “defrost” setting.
Please note: We do not recommend thawing beef in your microwave or at room temperature.

What if my order arrives partially thawed? Is it still good?
As long as the beef is cool to the touch, everything should be fine. You can freeze or
refrigerate your beef until you’re ready to eat it. If it’s warm to the touch, however, contact us
right away.

What kind of satisfaction guarantee does Roseda offer?
Simply this: if you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll replace your order, or refund the entire
price. Please note that we may require you to return the order in question before issuing a
refund. We will provide a return shipping slip at our cost.

How do you ship the beef?
For perishable items, we use UPS Air, UPS Next Day Air or UPS Ground. For non-perishable
merchandise we use UPS Ground. Please note that we ship only within the continental United

What are the shipping costs?
We ship through UPS, which bases costs on the size and weight of the package.
Shipping charges to all other states in the continental U.S will be calculated based on your

We do not ship internationally or to Hawaii, Alaska or Puerto Rico.     

How will you pack my order?

All meat is shipped frozen, in vacuum-sealed packages. We hand-pack Styrofoam coolers with
frozen gel packs. We may also add dry ice if extreme heat is expected. We then place the
Styrofoam cooler inside a strong corrugated box. Please note that all Roseda Beef is
packaged to withstand up to 48 hours of unrefrigerated shipping.

Can I have UPS leave my package if I won’t be home?

Yes. When you order, go to “Special Instructions” and fill in any directions (such as “leave on
front porch”). Be sure to indicate the signature waiver; we’ll keep it on file with UPS. That way,
UPS won’t hold your perishable order and risk spoilage.
Remember: all beef should be frozen or refrigerated right away, so make sure you can do so
within 48 hours. We cannot be responsible for your order if it thaws.

On what days will you deliver?

We ship orders from Roseda on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of each week. That
schedule may change around major holidays; be sure to check with us when you order.
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