Freezer Beef Program
You can order A LOT more!

Did you know you can save more when you buy
through our freezer beef program. Why buy the
steak when you can get the whole cow?

  • Savings on steaks, roasts and burgers
  • Free delivery to the local region (call to see if
    you qualify)
  • You choose the thickness of your steaks

If you are interested in ordering a side of beef,
click here to submit electronically. Or fill out  a
hard copy version of our

You should have a stand alone freezer because you
will be receiving all of this beef at one time.  
Suggested freezer sizes:
  • Side: 12-14 cubic feet
  • Quarter: 7-8 cubic feet

A $200.00 deposit is required before processing
begins. Once the order is placed a member of our
team will be in contact to confirm the order.

Call us at 410.962.5530 if you have any questions.
Get more information about where the cuts
come from!
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