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Old Line Meats' Services

Old Line Meats is a USDA inspected  fresh meat fabricator selling wholesale meats to restaurants, butcher shops, grocery stores and institutions.  We are ideally located to service the Baltimore/Washington Metro area, with our plant only minutes from I-95.  We can provide our customers with a vast array of custom-cut meats as well as service, quality, and competitive pricing.  We will dry age and custom cut to your specifications. We feature domestic lamb, veal, beef and feature Roseda Black Angus Beef as a private label item.

Break Down, Packaging and Delivery

Old Line Meats is full service plant. We have the capability of breaking down carcass into primal, sub primal and steak cuts. For more information about cuts please visit our products page. Additionally, we can package your product using vacuum seal technology. We also deliver to Baltimore, DC and Northern Virginia.

Glatt Kashering

Old Line Meats processes Glatt Kosher meats under the supervision of Star K. Old Line has the ability to cut Kasher meat into primals, sub primals and individual cuts. For more information about Old Line's kashering process please call.


Custom Processing

Old Line Meats provides custom processing. We have the have the ability to harvest, dry age, cut and package meats to your specifications. Old Line Meats only processes beef, lamb and veal.

Old Line Meats currently dry ages it's private line, Roseda Beef, and has the ability to dry age whole carcass or specific cuts. We keep the humidity low, so moisture from the meat gradually evaporates, leaving a greater concentration of rich flavor. Dry aging also allows for natural enzymes to break down the more fibrous tissues,tenderizing the meat.