We believe that there is a science to just about everything we do. From grazing to water supply,
the act of being green has become a way of life for us at Roseda.
In 1999, Roseda Farm was awarded The Cooperator of the Year Award by the Baltimore County
Soil Conservation District for improvements made to diminish erosion and runoff. Through the
development of a gravity-based water system we are able to provide our cattle with clean water, as
well as preventing waste runoff into the local waterways.

Another technique that benefits both our animals and the environment is our intensively managed
grazing. Through this practice the forage is grazed more evenly, leading to an increased nutritional
value for our cattle and a greater quality product for the end consumer.

We work hard to care for our cattle as humanely as possible while being environmentally
responsible and still delivering a high quality, safe eating experience to the end consumer.
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