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Bill Ruppersberger, President

I am a fifth generation owner [of Ruppersberger and Sons]. I worked summers while in college at William and Mary. Took over from my father and uncle (Bill & Jack) about 10 years ago, procressing in the same family tradition.

Ed Burchell Ed Burchell, Co-Owner

I met Bill when I was working on my own project, Roseda Beef. I really appreciated his work and the opportunity to do business with him. When the opportunity to start Old Line came along, I was more than happy to start this new venture with him.



About Old Line Meats

Orginal Ruppersberger Plant
Baltimore, MD
- In early 2010, Ed Burchell of Roseda Beef and Bill Ruppersberger of Geo. G. Ruppersberger & Sons, Inc. decided to form Old Line Custom Meat Company, LLC.  Old Line Meats will be one of Maryland’s largest meat processing companies, providing service to individual customers and wholesale clients.

“Old Line Meats will bring quality meat processing back to Maryland,” says co-owner Burchell.  Burchell started Roseda Beef in 1999. His interest in producing quality beef, led him to Bill Ruppersberger, the 5th generation owner of Ruppersberger & Sons.  His family’s company has been operating since 1866 and is Baltimore’s longest surviving meat packing company.

“Working with Ed on the creation of Old Line has been a long journey, but it will be nice to grow the capabilities of our current processing,” said Ruppersberger.  “My present plant was never designed to do the further processing that is now required in order to meet customer’s needs.”

In recent years grocery stores have reduced their help in their meat departments; therefore, requiring most processing be done at the plant level.  Coupled with the fact that many small processors have closed in recent years due to tough economics in the industry and more stringent USDA regulations, there is a strong need for meat processing in the area.  The opening of Old Line Meats’  17,000 square foot facility comes at a time when there is a void, which Ruppersberger and Burchell help to fill.


In the News

Baltimore Business Journal, November 2010- "Meat Sellers Beef Up Baltimore Operations"
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April 2011- "New Beef Processing Plant Up in Baltimore"